Game Summary

Engage in fast-paced computer hacking wars against your cyberpunk rivals like you were in a retro-futuristic hacking movie.

PWN is a fast-paced, real-time strategy game where you face off against other hackers within 3D virtual networks and take each other out using wits, skill, and computer viruses. Place devious hidden trojans and backdoors, while strategically defending yourself with encrypted nodes and firewalls. PWN lets you feel like the hero (or villain) of your favorite computer hacking action movies.


Fight your way through the extensive solo campaign mode, taking down rival hackers to acquire their unique skills. Or connect to a friend's device and compete in a face-to-face cyberwar.


Do you fight for fame? Power? Revenge? Play as eight elite hackers, each with a powerful special skill.

  • Cipher

    His uncanny codebreaking and encyption skills got him admitted to MIT at 16, but his habit of breaking into highly classified government databases got him expelled that same year.

    He is competing to prove that he belongs among the greatest computer hackers in the world.

  • Blackout

    Has tremendous skill at disrupting and disabling electronic security systems, and makes a living hiring out those services to various criminal organizations as an accomplice-for-hire.

    She has no allegiances, and would not hesitate to double-cross an associate for the right price.

  • Glitch

    A psychologically unstable recluse that lives in a makeshift underground bunker. Spends his time manufacturing and releasing viruses in order to cause political and economic instability.

    His obsession has driven him to implant home-made neural augmentations in order to gain an edge over those who challenge him.

  • Axiom

    Previously worked as a government agent responsible for monitering and blocking private communications, but was forced into exile after a turbulent political upheaval.

    The experience changed him, and he is now developing a new protocol that will enable untrackable tranmissions of information.

  • Optik

    A master at the art of collecting and leveraging sensitive information for political influence and substantial financial gain.

    She has organized a small army of like-minded hackers around the globe to help monitor network activities and extract valuable data.

  • Prime

    Currently employed by a powerful criminal organization that uses the threat of electronic attacks in order to ensure compliance and loyalty.

    Has a unique affinity for high-speed computer networking, and is able to create massive botnets capable of debilitating targets of any size.

  • Skorpios

    An extravagant personality who has generated massive personal wealth by constructing electronic traps that harvest and exploit financial data.

    Leads a lavish lifestyle on his yacht and private island, and is preoccupied by a wide range of competitive persuits.

  • Phantom

    A highly skilled intruder that spent years as a hacker-for-hire, stealing information for a wide variety of corporate and political clients.

    These activities earned him many powerful enemies and is now forced to live constantly on the run. He survives due to his control over access paths into virtually every corner of the internet.

Hacking Tools

An array of powerful hacking tools are at your fingertips, each with strategic strengths and limitations that you must master in order to defeat the top players.

  • Encrypt

    Defend your critical nodes with this special ability. Players will need to find a way around them, or spend valuable time decrypting the protective shell. However, players can bypass the encryption if they can find a way to isolate the node from the rest of your network.

  • Spike

    Send a powerful electric shockwave through your enemy's nodes, destroying any boosts it encounters in its path. Any nodes hit with a spike will be disabled for several seconds, allowing you to slow down your enemy's attacks or to break through their defenses.

  • Virus

    Launch a powerful virus at your enemy which infects and spreads among their network. Viruses will slowly capture nodes for you, and must be cleaned by the enemy or they will continue wreaking havoc. Viruses can be blocked by constructing a firewall.

  • Firewall

    If you are getting overwhelmed by special attacks, construct a firewall. This will protect several of nearby nodes from viruses, trojans, and backdoors. However, spikes are specially engineered to pass right through firewalls and in fact will destroy them on contact.

  • Scanner

    After a long battle, your nodes will be in very damaged condition where they are easier to capture. If this is the case, put up a scanner in your network. These special programs will heal a large area of nodes back to pristine condition. They have the added benefit of spotting hidden trojan traps and identifying enemy backdoors.

  • Overclock

    Boost your raw capture speed by overclocking your nodes. With enough of these, you will become an unstoppable attacking force. However, overclocked nodes are very weak to viruses and spikes, so make sure to protect them within your network.

  • Trojan

    Place one of these diabolical traps in your network, and if the enemy tries to capture that node it will backfire horribly and instantly convert several nearby nodes to your control. In the right place, one of these can change the tide quickly in your favor. However, they can be spotted and cleaned with scanners.

  • Backdoor

    This ability will grant you remote access to enemy nodes, allowing you to destroy their network from the inside out. They are hidden, and need to be detected with a scanner.